Glasgow – Lancashire

Museum of Modern Art Glasgow

Flying to Glasgow takes less than an hour from London and the flight was cheap as chips as Dawn would say. In no time, we were off the plane and in a rental car and motoring our way to Dawn’s cousins’, Robert and Julie. In our honour Julie held a kitchen party with all her good friends and it was so much fun meeting so many interesting and wonderful Scottish women.

The next day saw us downtown shopping in all of Dawn’s old favorite spots and although we had only a day we managed to see many of the highlights of Glasgow central and had tea in an old tearoom at the top of a department store. I tried cheese and pickle sandwiches and scotch broth. Sunday night we took Dawn’s cousins out for dinner at the Old Brothy, beautiful interiors and fabulous food. We had a great time and it was late before we got home to Robert and Julie’s lovely row house. It is a good size and they expanded the kitchen to make it one with the dining room. These old houses are cold but with the sitting room door closed and the family cozied up on the couches it is warm enough with a sweater.

Singer Sewing Machines came from Glasgow
Christmas time in Glasgow
Police call box, there when you need them.

Monday, Dawn and Robert went to visit other relatives and Julie took me around to the art gallery. My ignorance of Scottish art and artist is huge and I wish we had spent more time there, but it only means that I have to go back and I have a added Scotland to the “longer visit” list.


Two years ago I met a mother and son from Lancashire in Nicaraugua. I have kept in touch with Emma Jane and her son Archie and when she saw that I was in the UK she invited me to overnight on my way back to London. Dawn was flying home from Glasgow and I had decided to take the train and so the invitation fit well with my plans. EJ kindly drove 1 1/2 hours to the town of Preston to pick me up and take me home to Lawton her village next to Colm (pronounced COWON). As I arrived early in the afternoon she took me to see the local sights including a castle ruin where the Bronte sisters were said to have frequented as it was within walking distance of their home. The old manor house is said to have served as a model for the manor in Wuthering Heights. Emma was most gracious and made a lovely tea in her terrace house kitchen dating back to the early 1900’s. The area was mainly for wool production and weaving. I met Emma’s parents and they have lived in the area all of their lives. They have a back to back duplex with lovely furnishings and carpeting.

Three weeks in the UK have flown by and now I am winging my way home to what I understand is a frosty, snowy weather system. Kunal is picking me up at the airport and I will fly back to the island tomorrow morning.


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