A Little Girl’s Birthday in Mexico

I had so much fun at this birthday party, watching the proceedings and savoring the joy that only children exude when they are excited. Jade is the daughter of Nora & Beto, a couple I have known for many years in Progreso. Beto and I share a birthday and a few years I have been lucky enough to share a celebration with Beto starting Nora’s home made flan!!!

This is Jades’s birthday though and as a nod to Covid and during the time when folks thought we had it on the run (pre-omicron) with vaccines etc. a face to face almost normal party was held in her honour.

The birthday girl in her fancy ball gown.

Nora hired a couple of young men you ”do” kids birthdays, bringing music (loud), lights, games, prizes, and decorations. Momma has only to shop up. What a great idea. The kids are entertained and kept busy though out, right up until the piñata is smashed and the cake is eaten.

Nora and her neice Catya
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