Mexico – Yucatan: Christmas in Progresso

I can’t believe its Christmas Eve. Where has the month gone? Before I left and when I first arrived I believed I would have a full blown blog well in hand, but tech issues and distractions (fun) have kept me busy and thwarted my efforts. 

On the 17th, of December,  I rented a car and drove Hisako back to Cancun to catch her plane home and as luck would have it, Craig and Dawn arrived the same day so I picked them up and brought them back to Progreso. We are sharing the cost of a rental car for ten days so I have been adventurous and driven myself all around Merida when it’s my turn to have it. Yesterday I even went into El Centro to pick up a bracelet I was having restrung. Craig and Dawn need the car because they are busy working and attending appointments related to being owners of Casa sol Mar and I benefit in the off times. Often we share a meal and last night we had fresh caught grouper, grilled in butter and garlic and I made rice and a salad. Can’t beat that. All seafood is fresh here, caught daily and sold at the market along with prawns and shrimp galore. 

It has been great fun to watch Progreso don the festive season. Like Merida, Progreso is no slouch when it comes to decking the halls.I got caught up in the fervor and bought a fake tree at the local Bodega.

My $9:00 Bodega Tree

The stores, businesses and homes have great lights and decorations. An evening walk through the barrios to view the Christmas lights is especially fun and often there are quirky items that catch your eye. 

City Hall all Lit UP and Guarded

City Hall Goes All Out
High and Wide 

Pride of ownership brought this man outside to invite us on to his patio.
Private home

The ubiquitous Coca Cola Santa
Tree and Train in the Zocolo

Empty Creche in Nativity Scene…Waiting for the Baby Jesus

Christmas decorations are everywhere and always brightly colored and over-sized. Lots of creches, but no baby Jesus until tonight when he is scheduled to arrive all over the Yucatan, just like Santa Claus only more important. Night or day the town gets more festive as Christmas Day approaches.

This being Christmas Eve, today is the most important day of the season here in Progreso. My friends Luis Miguel and Alena have invited me to Luis Miguel’s grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Dawn has warned me that it has the potential to go very late, sometimes til 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. I will need a nap this afternoon if I am to stay awake. 

Dancing and Karaoke with Luis Miguel’s Grandma at the Mike
Texting and Tequilla

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, Dawn, Greg, Luis Miguel, Alena, the Texan in apartment #4 and I are having a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I am in charge of vegetables and I scavenged the tiendas and the market have managed to amass all the requirements for Canadian traditional dishes. 

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